Christian Clans

116 Boyz
=AT= Anav Tsiyr
}CoG{ Children of God
<CC>< Christian Crew
Chirstian Coalition of Countries
~cKs~ Christian Key Smashers
CPG Christian PC Gamers
=CS= Christian Snipers
CS7~ Christian Soldiers 7th Division
{CSF} Christian Star Fleet
|CoR| City of Refuge
[CS] Day of Defeat Christian Soldiers
]DES[Double Edge Sword
-)ET(- Easy Targets
Fear the Lord Gaming
-=]FGA[=- Friendly Gamers Alliance
{GBG} Gaming By Grace
GS Good Samaritans
}GoC{ Guardians Of Christ
Golden Sidewinders 96th Division
-^IW^- Invisible Warriors
=ITC= In The Clouds
[JFS] Jesus Freaks
*MoG* Men of God
Men of Valor
-=Of-God=- Of God Clan
Saints 3G
}SoC{ Soldiers of Christ
[SOFW] Soldiers of Foreign Wars
JL Team Jesus Lives
=TCM= The Christian Militia
The Seraphim
The Seraphim Regiment
[ToJ] Tribe Of Judah
<T|F> Tribulation Force Gaming
(WWA) World Wide Ambassador

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