Guild Wars 2


Salt of the Earth is a newly formed guild in Guild Wars 2 that aims to have a family friendly atmosphere based on a Christian foundation.

We are based on the Fort Aspenwood server and our main focus in the game will be in PvE and WvW. Below are a few key points about our guild. You can view more about us at , The website is up and running but still under constant construction as we add more tools and streamline the site. I am also still deciding on wether to go with Ventrilo, Mumble, or Raidcall as our voice server provider.

You can send an application in via the website or whisper / in game mail to Solitude or Sparro. Families, friends, and acquaintance’s are all welcome to join

We encourage sharing faith on the proper sub forum on our website and on our voice server. We also encourage people to keep debates or disputes civil and to take things to whisper when needed. After all, who really likes airing out dirty laundry for the whole guild to see? That would not line up with the kind of atmosphere we are trying to promote.

Though we may disagree sometimes most of us will share the same belief in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. For those of you who would like to join us just for a family and friendly atmosphere we realize you may not share this belief, we only ask you be tolerant of our faith as you game with us and get to know us!

Our focus in PvE should be just gaming with each other. PvE is more laid back, with the exception of those back breaking dungeons! Forming up groups to work cooperatively to tackle those dungeons is definintly encouraged. We also encourage grouping up for events in Orr and Frostgorge Sound, and going back to just game with lower level players since you can actually get rewards for doing it in this game. Overall in PvE, do whatever you want to! Just be involved with gaming together as a community!

Our focus in WvW will be forming up small strike teams of 5 – 15 players that will harass and hold enemy supply camps, defend our supply camps and towers, and flank larger enemy forces that are engaged with our servers large force. As our guild grows we may be able to lead larger strikes on keeps or multiple small strike teams.