MechWarrior Online


The Seraphim has a no tolerance policy for profanity, vulgarity, and off-color remarks in voice chat and posting in forums.

The Seraphim is a federal/provincial unit in the Free Worlds League space on the planet Asuncion in the Zion Province.

You can check the site out at and, if you choose to join, the Launch Code to bypass the application process is Hebrews116.

A little about me … Hebrews 11:6 is my life-verse. I am an 8th Grade English teacher in Mobile, Alabama. I am a small group leader and a deacon/elder in a Southern Baptist Church here. I have been gaming most of my life and I have been playing BattleTech tabletop since 1986. I would love to have some brothers and sisters in the faith to join me on this grand adventure.

Shalom and God bless you all,

Alex Reed
Captain, The Seraphim